Spring Registration

This Years Updates:

Registration Prices. As you can see below, our prices are higher this year. The last time we increased our registration fees was in 2015. The key reason for the increase is to continue to provide experienced lacrosse coaches for your players and their teams so they can grow and have more fun.

Installment Payments. We have extended the installment periods to help you pay your registration fees. If you register in October, you will receive the maximin number of 5 installment payments.  Your fees will be divided into 5 equal installments.   

Coach Development. Historically,  our teams were coached by parents with limited or no experience. The last few years we have had high school players coaching our kids and last year we provided them with coach training, development and oversite. We have done this over the last few years without raising prices, but this year we will have too. We want your players to have fun and also have coaches that can help them improve their skills. 

Player Scholarships. We offer discounts, and if you want to contribute to supporting families and players, you can donate to our general fund or specify the families and players by adding their names and email addresses in the registration form. We will then apply the corresponding discount when they register.

If you would like to donate $500 or more to a family for their registration, you can also donate through Venmo @SVLCLax. Please email us at to let us know the player or family you are donating to and their email address if you know it. We can provide you a tax deductible receipt for the donation.

We will be capping teams later in the registration process. Please register as early as possible to secure your players spot. After limits have been reached we will start a waiting list to either open up another team or we will help you apply for a waiver to play in another nearby program.

Fundraising: Our fundraising event is Lazertag . It's $50 per player and you will receive the tickets (2 tickets) prior to end of season . Since this is also an end of year party, you can buy tickets for friends and members of your family at the event.

Uniforms: When you request a uniform, request a size up for boys uniforms, be sure to accommodate for pads. Use this sizing chart:

Refunds:  Sometimes there are events, like COVID, beyond our control that can cause our season to be cancelled, and need to plan accordingly. To that end, we have a few ways we can accommodate refunds. We have a few more options this year;

  1. Direct Refunds: 100% refunds through 12/1. Full refunds for physical injuries preventing players from playing prior to season start. Partial refunds (Less uniform cost) after 12/1.
  2. RegSaver: A registration insurance that covers the cost of the registration fee in a variety of circumstances including, but not limited to: Illness, injury, death in family, and active military service for parent/guardian. Policy costs vary based on the insured fee amount, with a required minimum of $7. The RegSaver fee is included with the registration total upon checkout and an automated email from RegSaver is sent to registrants with their policy number and further information on who to contact with questions.
  3. Credit: A registration credit enables us to issue credit amounts that can be applied to future registration fees in lieu of or in addition to a refund, similar to a gift card or store credit. Families who have registered multiple players that receive credits will be issued the combined credit amount to their account. Normally, we just refund you directly, but if you would like us to credit your account for the next year, we can do that.


Referrals: Does your child have friends that are interested in playing lacrosse? Receive a $10 discount on your child's registration for each new player you refer! We are offering a credit refund to anyone you refer and are new to Simi Valley Lacrosse. All they have to do is register and give your last name in the "Referred by" field. We will match it to the name you give us and we will apply a credit refund to your account. If you are making installment payments, we will reduce your an installment payment by $10, otherwise we will send you a refund.”


Installment payments:

5 Monthly Payments if you register before 11/1/2023.

4 Monthly Payments if you register before 12/1/2023

3 Monthly Payments if you register before 1/1/2024

2 Monthly Payments if you register before 2/1/2024

1 Payment before 2/29/2024


Multi-Player Discounts:  For families that have more then one player, we are offering a $50 discount on each additional player up to four players. The discount(s) will be applied at checkout.

SVLC Code Discounts: We will use codes for special circumstances. If you were given one, then add it to the player it applies too during the registration process. It will be applied at checkout.

US Lacrosse Membership: Each player is encouraged to have a membership. Age 14 and under, $35.  Your child will receive a US Lacrosse membership card, magazine subscription and other benefits.

SVLC Fund: We are offering the opportunity for families to make a separate contribution to our SVLC Fund to help provide for player scholarships and to players that otherwise would not be able to play.

Player Scholarships: You can contribute or provide scholarships to specific players. Those players will then get a discount for the amount you provided when they register. If your amount is above $500 we can provide a letter acknowledging your donation.

How to Register:

Click on the registration button above to register.

First time using Teamsnap?  You will be prompted to create a new user/player profile.

Used TeamSnap before for lacrosse or another sport?  You can import your existing player information.

Boys: Register in the 6U 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U Divisions.

Girls: Register in the 6U, Elementary and Middle School Divisions.

If a girl wants to play boys lacrosse, then in the special request field let us know.


  1. Login or Create a Teamsnap account
  2. Register Player.

US Lacrosse membership is optional this year for our program, but if you would like to obtain a membership, go to their website and then come back and input their membership number in our registration.

If you have multiply players in the family, register each player and discounts will be applied properly at checkout.

  1. After adding all your players, go through to checkout.
  2. If you do not complete it, you can exit and come back.
  3. Click the pay button and you will be taken to checkout to finish registration.

Discounts and Fundraiser tickets are applied at checkout.

To complete registration, you can pay by credit card, bank card or ACH (bank account) for secure transaction processing.



Registration Fee Schedule 

Boys or Girls U14 (7th-8th grade): $425

Boys or Girls U12 (5th-6th grade): $425

Boys or Girls U10: (3rd-4th grade): $350

Boys or Girls U8: (1st-2nd grade): $150


Once Spring Registration is completed and closed, your son or daughter will be assigned to a team and notified by email through Teamsnap. Simi Valley Lacrosse coaches will use Teamsnap to communicate with you about your son's or daughter's teams activities. You can download the mobile app available on iphone or Android to follow your teams. 


US Lacrosse Membership?

 We ask our players to sign up for this because of the additional benefits a player and their family can receive, especially if they continue playing in the sport. For a youth player who wants to play on other lacrosse teams and tournaments, it is often required. And since the membership is good for a year, you can receive benefits for a year beyond the spring lacrosse season. Next year, the SCLA will be requiring all players to be US Lacrosse members.

Stars Teams Tryouts

Simi Valley lacrosse may field both Stars and Stripes teams for the SCLA spring season.  The Stars level is the highest level of lacrosse in the SCLA and is intended for the most skilled lacrosse players.

Coach selections or open try-outs will be used to select players to Stars teams.

The coaches will select the Stars & Stripes teams and rosters based on skills, athleticism and team position need.  A typical "Stars" level player has few years of experience AND plays on Summer and/or Winter club travel teams.

Both teams will focus on skill development, team play, game strategy and improving the players overall lacrosse IQ before they enter High School.  At the Stars level all players will play in every game but playing time may not be equal depending on the game situation.

Tryouts are not required for everyone. If you do not wish to play on the Stars team, you will automatically be placed on the Stripes team. The Stars team roster’s will announced shortly after tryouts.


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