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Our Mission

Simi Valley Lacrosse, aka Simi Storm, is a not-for-profit, youth lacrosse program for boys and girls in grades K-8 in Simi Valley.

Going on eight years now, Simi Valley Lacrosse has been keeping kids active and providing a fun and rewarding environment where they can learn the fundamentals of lacrosse and play games in organized competition against the many other towns in our region.

The MISSION of Simi Valley Lacrosse is to teach kids the game of lacrosse in a developmental, fun, fair, safe and enriching environment, to instill sportsmanship and team values to help them become determined, active, and confident participants in sports and life.

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More About Simi Valley Lacrosse

Simi Valley Lacrosse follows The Positive Coaching Alliance’s® mantra of Double-Goal Coaching which teaches sportsmanship in competition and life lessons.

Simi Valley Lacrosse believes in honoring and respecting the sport and the individual. We provide an environment where young lacrosse players learn measured confidence, responsibility, selflessness, sportsmanship, and determination.

The coaching staff and board include former college players, current and former high school players, and head coaches from Simi Valley’s high schools. All our coaches meet the league’s certification requirements, know the rules of lacrosse, and have received training in coaching.

Simi Valley Lacrosse plays against Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Santa Clarita, Agoura, Pasadena, Oak Park, Calabasas, etc.

As a youth athletics program, our primary goals are the health and safety and fair and equal treatment of our players. We believe that the most effective teaching comes through encouragement, respect, and fun in an environment where players can demonstrate effort, rise to challenges, and be achievers.

As such, we consider our programs' field use, for practices and games, to be our Encouragement Zone TM. Any person in the Encouragement Zone TM is asked to bring only positive comments and body language for all players, coaches, and officials. We want to provide a fun and enriching environment and greatly appreciate your support.

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