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Update 2-15-19

All registration for all age groups are now closed.

This Year:


The SCLA has clear guidelines for registration boundaries for players and families. The league requires players to play in the towns they live based on high school boundaries.

If there are circumstances where you are not able to play for Simi Valley Lacrosse, you can request a waiver to play for another program. Please contact the other program and they will
submit your waiver request to the SCLA for consideration. If you plan to request a waiver, do not register with either program until the waiver has been approved.

All waiver requests will be determined no later than January 15th.

When a player or family does not live in an area where a program exists (e.g. Moorpark) the league guidelines allow families to register for the program that is most convenient for their family; pending SCLA approval.

Once registered, you must remain in that program for the
duration for your playing eligibility. 
If there are circumstances where you are not able to play for Simi Valley Lacrosse, you can request a waiver from us and we will submit it to the SCLA for consideration to play in another program.

However, please note that the SCLA usually does not grant a waiver for reason of wanting to play with friends. But the league will consider all requests and we follow up with them to make sure you know what the outcome is. For more details, click here

New Registration Fee Pricing:

We have been able to lower our fees this year. This is good news for everyone. To make sure we can support our program through registrations and fundraising, we have changed our payment policies;


  1. All fees are to be paid by January 31st.  The installment payment schedule will ensure they are all paid by January 31st.
  2. Offline fee payments are not included this year, but by request, we can allow it as long as you arrange it to be received and cleared by January 31st.
  3. All fees not paid or received by January 31st, those players will not receive a uniform or play until fees are paid.
  4. All requests for refunds can be made within 30 days of your initial registration.
  5. Full Refund requests after the season has started can be considered under special circumstances. These are usually season ending injuries.

We have our Lazertag Fundraising event as a separate fee. Some parents and players would rather pay for the two $25 tickets upfront than buy tickets during the season at the time of the event. At the time of the event, you can buy tickets for friends and members of your family.

Girls Scoopers: This team is now instructional play only.  This will include 2 practices per week (weekday), but no games.

Installment payments:

4 Monthly Payments if you register before 11/1/2018.

3 Monthly Payments if you register before 12/1/2018.


Multi-Player Discounts:  For families that have more then two players, we are offering a 50% discount on each additional player. The discount(s) will be applied at checkout.

SVLC Code Discounts: We will use codes for special circumstances. If you were given one, then add it to the player it applies too during the registration process. It will be applied at checkout.


SVLC Fund: We are offering the opportunity for families to make a separate contribution to our SVLC Fund to help provide for player scholarships and to players that otherwise would not be able to play.

How to Register:

Click on the registration button above to register.

First time using Teamsnap?  You will be prompted to create a new user/player profile.

Used TeamSnap before for lacrosse or another sport?  You can import your existing player information.

Boys: Register in the U9, U11, U13, U15 Divisions.

Girls: Register based on their grade.

If a girl wants to play on a boys team, then in the special request field let us know.


  1. Login or Create a Teamsnap account
  2. Register Player.


If you have multiply players in the family, register the oldest family member first, using the drop down menu to pick the player order by age division. When you register the 3rd player, use the player division menu item with (3rd Player) or discounts will not be applied properly at checkout.

  1. After adding all your players, go through to checkout.
  2. If you do not complete it, you can exit and come back.
  3. Click the pay button and you will be taken to pay by credit card or ACH (bank account) to finish registration.

The discounts are applied at checkout. To complete registration, we are using WePay for secure credit card processing. You will be able to enter your credit card information to process your credit card payment.



Registration Fee Schedule

Boys U-15 (8th grade): $350

Boys U-13 (6th-7th grade): $350

Boys U-11: (4th-5th grade): $275

Boys U-9: (2nd-3rd grade): $225

Girls MS (6th-8th grade): $350

Girls ES (3rd-5th grade): $250

Girls Scoopers* (grades K-2nd Grade): $90

*This team is now instructional play only.  This will include 2 practices per week (weekday), but no games.

Once Spring Registration is completed and closed, your son or daughter will be assigned to a team and notified by email through Teamsnap. Simi Valley Lacrosse coaches will use Teamsnap to communicate with you about your son's or daughter's teams activities. You can download the mobile app available on Iphone or Android to follow your teams. 

Stars Teams Tryouts

Simi Valley lacrosse will again field both Stars and Stripes teams for the SCLA spring season.  The Stars level is the highest level of lacrosse in the SCLA and is intended for the most skilled lacrosse players.

Open try-outs will be held in January

(We will send out an email to everyone to remind you)

The coaches will select the Stars & Stripes team rosters based on skills, athleticism and team position need.  A typical "Stars" level player has few years of experience AND plays on Summer and/or Winter club travel teams.

Both teams will focus on skill development, team play, game strategy and improving the players overall lacrosse IQ before they enter High School.  At the Stars level all players will play in every game but playing time may not be equal depending on the game situation.

Tryouts are not required for everyone. If you do not wish to play on the Stars team, you will automatically be placed on the Stripes team. The Stars team roster’s will announced shortly after tryouts.


Age Group Guidance

Our age groups are based on US Lacrosse and it's guidelines.


Photo Gallery

USLAge groups